of sewer blockages caused by Fatbergs


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Wet wipes, cooking oil and sanitary products. Just everyday items on their own. But together? Well, that’s a whole different, messy story.

When these seemingly harmless products are put down loos and sinks, over time they merge to become smelly, greasy ‘Fatbergs’ in our sewers. Which then cause a whopping 87% of all blockages. These grim facts aren’t well-known. So Thames Water wanted an  awareness campaign that would educate customers and influence behavioural changes in how to properly dispose of these items and others.

We chose to build the campaign around the proud team of men and women who take on the daily challenge of freeing sewers of fatbergs. Giving them the title of Thames Water ‘Sewper Heroes’, their collective identity meant that customers could now appreciate the real people behind sewer clean ups. This, along with short factual copy about how customers should ‘Bin it, don’t block it’ and a set of gently witty headlines, helped to positively yet assertively communicate the fatberg issue, but without wagging any fingers.

The results of the campaign so far are pretty impressive with social channels reporting a 1,725% increase in engagements. The campaign is still live, and we’re proud to have been a part of turning a dirty subject into a dirty subject that people want to do something about.


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