with the local community

Driving awareness

of potential disruption in the local area


Generating local PR to educate the local residents of ‘why’ Virgin Media are working in the area

There’s only one way for Virgin Media to get all their wonderful content and connectivity into our homes and businesses.

And that’s by digging holes in the ground.

Virgin Media knew that to be groundbreaking, they would literally have to break some ground. But this is a tricky thing to communicate. Digging is disruptive. It takes time. And it can cause a lot of anger. So something was needed to minimise this anger, as well as ensuring the Virgin Media brand was still viewed as being sympathetic to the communities where digs were taking place. And this is where we came in.

Working closely with both the client and our UK-based Tactical Local Consultants (or TLCs), we found that one thing was clear: a lack of understanding and awareness of what was due to be happening in their area. And this creates animosity. So we created a campaign that used open and honest language, that made the holes the ‘hero’, rather than the villain, and that digging holes is necessary to ‘let all their awesome entertainment out’!

We’re proud to say this approach is working. Our first project was helping Virgin Media pave the way for future hole-digging in the small, tightly-knit community of Cheslyn Hay. We enlisted the skills of a 3D street artist to create a giant hole in the ground with Virgin Media’s hero, Usain Bolt, emerging from it. Judging by the social media engagement and local press articles, this one project alone has given residents something to smile about, engage with and, the holy grail here, be supportive!


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