If it works, test it. Then test it again.

the brief

To maximise a restricted budget across multiple channels to increase web traffic, drive down cost per lead and maintain sales in a sluggish market.

the solution

By tailoring the messaging and strategy to various media, and carefully measuring and comparing performance across channels - including split testing web content - we can see what works, and what doesn't.

the results

Website traffic (unique users up 22.9%) and conversions (up 38.4%) both improved, with cost-per-lead comparisons showing Facebook, Royal Mail and Sky AdSmart as strong performers.

The results in full

The year-on-year rise in website traffic and conversions included 7% specifically on the 'All In' campaign.

The majority of the traffic on the 'All In' pages came from Facebook adverts promoting the events and weekly prizes.

Since the campaign launched, Facebook 'likes' increased for both our client's brands and 52% of website visitors from Facebook pages were new visitors.

Split testing was used to discover more about how users search websites, with figures showing a slight advantage of using a full 'search widget' rather than just a standard search bar.

Facebook advertising gave us a reach of over 1.2 million users, which resulted in healthy numbers of competition entries and increased data collection. The average cost-per-click over the campaign period was just £0.12.

Royal Mail performed extremely well, generating 323 calls at a cost per call of £268.63.

Email campaigns generated new clicks through to the website at a cost per click of £19.18, compared to Rightmove's summer average of £22.53.

TV advertising over 3 regions generated over 8,000 clicks to the website at a healthy cost per click of £1.72.

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